About Us

Whatever the reason you have landed upon our website the chances are that you are in search of footwear that will enhance your health and activity. Our aim is to do just that and keep your feet as healthy as possible.

The first step to total foot comfort - understand a little more about your feet.

What is your foot shape?

If it is wide, is it shallow, medium or deep?

Do you have a specific problem?

Do you know that sufferers of Plantar Faciitis can benefit, indeed improve their condition,by wearing a rigid sole shoe with good arch support? 

With the right fit, supportive footwear and orthotics for your foot type, most common foot pain can be relieved and prevented.

In store we use IStep digital foot scanning technology to determine the pressure points of your feet and your arch type. We then select the right footwear and, if needed, orthotics to help even out any imbalance in the pressure points. Customers who have experienced this in store service will be able to log into their account via this website and order replacement orthotics but we do not sell the orthotics to non-clients. You must have had an in store assessment.

This is not so easily done online, so we have categorised our footwear by both foot shape and foot problem for you. For instance if you have a wide and deep foot and suffer from bunions you can begin your search by either criteria and come to a selection of footwear suited to your needs.

You don’t have to have a foot problem to benefit from correctly fitted footwear, we all know prevention is so much better than cure so it is vitally important that we wear shoes to suit our foot shape.

Key features of our Foot Foundation collection –

• Removable foot beds

• Unique cushioning systems

• Natural foot arch supports

• Extra fit styles - shoes can be worn without foot beds, giving more volume to the shoe

• Magic stretch leathers and fabric linings to accommodate Hallux Valgus (bunions)


If you struggle to find what you need, our staff are highly trained and able to give advice over the phone.

Call 01865 248043